Rehabilitation of Multiple Offshore Pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico

RTP-Rehab® Case Study

Utilizing the RTP-Rehab® process to right-size and return to production pipelines with integrity and maintenance issues

Setting SRTP® for Pull Through
Channeling the SRTP® from Reel to Riser Flange


An operator in the Gulf of Mexico had gas wells shut-in due to multiple pipelines with integrity issues. The field generated produced water with high H2S creating high maintenance costs for this mature field. In addition, a component of the existing pipelines was bored under a ship channel. The RTP-Rehab® Process was selected to analyze, develop and install new pipelines to minimize operating expense and at a fraction of the capital cost of a conventional pipeline replacement. The system had to be designed for 1600PSI Design pressure and 140°F Continuous Operating Temperature.


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