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Spoolable pipe and tubing reinforced with aramid fibers and lined with engineered polymers to provide the strength of steel without corrosion issues.

Specialty RTP’s Turnkey RTP-Rehab® process rehabilitates pipelines and downhole tubulars while drastically cutting capital costs and ongoing maintenance expense and providing a permanent solution.

Specialty RTP can help your company exceed critical velocity without corrosion with our customized SRTP® Velocity Strings.  When gas reservoir pressure depletion occurs and well deliverability is reduced, Specialty RTP will help your company by providing customized Velocity Strings for your project by analyzing and modeling each well and flowline to ensure optimal flow results.

Specialty RTP’s proven downhole non-metallic composite coiled tubing SRTP LIFT™ can be entirely deployed utilizing a small coiled tubing unit inside of existing production tubing. The smooth thermoplastic surface and reduced area result in optimized gas usage and enhanced recovery.

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