SRTP® Velocity Strings

Velocity Strings?

Specialty RTP can help your company exceed critical velocity without corrosion with our customized SRTP® Velocity Strings.  When gas reservoir pressure depletion occurs and well deliverability is reduced, Specialty RTP will help your company by providing customized Velocity Strings for your project by analyzing and modeling each well and flowline to ensure optimal flow results.


Light Weight


No Build Up

Smoother Wall

Process and Deployment

SRTP Velocity String Downhole

Image: SRTP® Velocity Strings being deployed for an operator in the Middle East.

SRTP® Velocity String Process:

  • Each well is modeled with nodal analysis for optimal flow results
  • Complete completion procedures customized for each well intervention

SRTP® Velocity String Deployment:

  • Deployed by coil tubing units 
  • Unloaded by nitrogen units
  • Secured with packers, anchors, or hangers

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