Why RTP-Rehab®?

Specialty RTP’s Turnkey RTP-Rehab® process rehabilitates pipelines and downhole tubulars while drastically cutting capital costs and ongoing maintenance expense and providing a permanent solution.

Benefits for Pipelines

Returns a leaking or corroded pipeline back to production for 50-80% less capital cost than conventional technologies.

No Removal of the existing pipeline because the SRTP® Pipe is pulled through the original pipeline.

Right sized for today’s production to move solids, minimize maintenance pigging.

Pipe manufactured from polymers Inert to harsh oilfield environments which minimizes ongoing corrosion inhibitor costs.

No sacrifice to safety and pipeline integrity.

Benefits for Downhole Tubulars

Rehabilitate downhole tubulars without removing existing tubing for a fraction of the cost of traditional recompletion.

No need to pull packers or tubing where there is a risk of parting requiring fishing.

Right sizing of tubing to maintain critical velocities for liquid lifting.

Low cost installation equipment.

How It Works


Image: RTP-Rehab®

Specialty RTP employs a step by step process to assure successful rehabilitation of wells and pipelines that includes:

  • Analyze existing pipeline or well to assess the issue, determine the optimal pipe or tubing size to minimize ongoing maintenance expense, and develop an installation procedure for the particular application.
  • Manufacture the SRTP® Pipe or tubing with the polymers and pressure rating for the application. This would include corrosive environment resistance, temperature rating (MAOT), pressure rating (MAOP), and pull force requirements.
  • Install the system in accordance with all safety requirements of the operator.
  • Return on Investment Analysis.

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