The RTP Difference

Profitability Return Your Mature Fields to
Production (RTP)

Specialty RTP’s Turnkey RTP-Rehab™ process rehabilitates pipes and tubing while drastically cutting capital and ongoing maintenance expense.

By right sizing pipe for today’s production levels and utilizing spoolable, reinforced thermoplastic pipes and tubing (RTP), Specialty RTP restore pipelines and downhole tubing integrity without the expense of traditional technologies.

Rehabilitation of Pipelines and Well Production Tubing for

50-80% Less

than Conventional Technologies


Turnkey Process

from Design through Hydro-Test


Ongoing Maintenance Costs


Value Across the Organization

Asset Managers

Asset Managers

Specialty RTP delivers low cost rehabilitation with next to no ongoing operating expense, enabling Asset Managers to see marginal fields run profitably with a good return on assets where conventional technology is deemed too expensive.

Facilities Engineers

Facilities Engineers

Specialty RTP dramatically lowers capital costs to return wells and pipelines to production with no sacrifice to safety or pipeline integrity.

Production Engineers

Production Engineers

Right sizing of pipes and tubing for today's production levels minimizes ongoing maintenance resulting in profitable operations.

Technical Experts

Technical Experts

The safety and performance of Specialty RTP's polymers, aramid fibers, and chemical performance has been verified by third party data.

Superior Performance
in the More Severe Oilfield Environments

For Severe Environments

Specialty RTP excels at providing right sized pipe and tubing for application in high temperature
environments and/or those with severe H2S or CO2.

Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipe Utilizing Polymers Inert to Harsh Oilfield Environments

Rapid, Low-Cost Installation

Minimal Ongoing Maintenance Required

For Onshore Surface Lines

When working with onshore surface lines, Specialty RTP can:
  • Eliminate need to access right of way for difficult terrains
  • Eliminate trenching costs
  • Minimize disturbance and impact to land owners
  • Create continuously monitored double contained systems for environmentally sensitive areas
  • Provide rapid, low-cost installation
  • Eliminate need for on-going corrosion inhibitors
  • Reduce the need for cleanout pigging
  • Reduce CapEx by 50%



For Offshore Surface Lines

When working with offshore surface lines, Specialty RTP can:
  • Minimize boat and logistics costs by working from platform to platform
  • Minimize on-going operating expenses with right sized pipe
  • Pull through most riser designs with ease due to flexible piping
  • Eliminate disturbance to the sea floor
  • Create continuously monitored double contained systems for environmentally sensitive areas
  • Reduce CapEx by 60 – 80%


Quality Policy

Specialty RTP is a global innovator in the oil and gas industry committed to world-class quality, superior customer support and outstanding value.

We achieve this through innovation, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction and operating under an effective Quality Management System that meets the regulatory requirements of ISO 9001:2015.